12 Great Gas Getters!


1. Search for the best prices – The more you know, the more you can do and in this case, the more you know, the more you can save. Search the cheapest prices before leaving your home to know you are getting the best possible price. I want you to be smart on this so don’t go all the way across town just for a cent less because you’ll probably waste more gas getting there and back home then going to the gas station a cent more close by. If it was a 10 cent difference, then that’s when you would go, you got it?

2. Make it all one trip – You have to shop for a gift, pay a bill, rent a book at the library so you should try doing this all in one trip. It will save you time and money.

3. Driving miss Daisy – You should be driving like your grandma, or atleast drive as if you grandma was with you. Remember how you drove for your driver’s license test? That is exactly how you should be driving. The faster your drive, the harder you brake, the more you switch lanes, will all drain your gas and your money. Just think how many tickets you can save yourself too.

You will be safer on the road, people will appreciate it, the law will be off your back, and you’ll save money on gas. When you approach a red light, take your foot off the gas 10 seconds before because you are go stop anyway then about 5 seconds after, start braking slowly estimating the complete stop right behind the white line. This will be extend the life of your brakes and engine saving you gas and money.

4. Maintain your car – Please refer to your owner’s manual and see when you should do your normal maintenance like: oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations etc. Simple maintenance like these will save you time, money and disasters. So it pays to do such things to your car. Your car is what gets you to work, the gym, home at night so it deserves to get treated right.

a. change your spark plugs & spark plug wires
b. change your air filter
c. keep tire pressure at right amount

5. Get a Gas Card – These cards will give you cash back bonuses for gas just by using it on purchases. These will save you a couple of cents per gallon but it comes out to a large amount of savings all together. You will be getting it cheaper than everyone else is, how awesome is that?

6. Do not top-off your gas tank – Topping-off your gas tank might seem like a good idea because you want to make sure your car is full but most of that can just spill right of of your tank. To get the most out of the gas you put into your car, please stop once the nozzle automatically stops.

7. Turn the nozzle – Any excess left inside the nozzle or tube where the gas you paid for can be a significant loss. When your tank is full, turn the nozzle 180 degrees and the rest will follow through. It doesn’t seem like much but combined with every other tip and calculated a month, it becomes a snowball effect. So please, if you don’t do it, the next person will.

8. The pressure is in your tires – The right pressure for your tires is a key factor to saving gas or wasting it. Which ever you want to do with it remains on the amount of pressure you have inside those tires. If you want to waste money and gas then don’t worry about it, but if you want money in your pocket, maintain the right amount of pressure in your tires. Keep your car happy, keep yourself happy and keep your wallet happy.

9. Carpool time! – One of the best and effective ways to save yourself gas is to carpool your way to your destinations. If you and a friend go to school or work at the same times, try carpooling only if it is convenient for the both of you. Ex: Five friends go to the same school every morning and they switch off each day of the week. Everyone drove their car at least once taking the carpool lane rather than 5 times each. Do you think they all saved gas and money? I sure think so.

In other cases, take someone with you to access the carpool lane (fast lane) while taking the highway/freeway.

10. Use Pure Acetone – Pure Acetone, you say? Pure Acetone can be found in beauty supply stores and it can increase the mpg on your car normally 15% to 35% by adding just a cup with your gasoline in your car. Find out more about it!

11. Don’t bog it down – The more weight is in your car, the harder your car is going to work and the more gas is will guzzle. Removing trunk junk and your spare tire and tools will save you gas but make sure to replace it with a can of fix-a-flat just in case. So just remember the lighter your car is, the more gas you save.

12. Cheaper transportation – There are alternatives to getting where you want to go. You can walk, bicycle ride, skateboard, or roller-blade. Not only will these methods save you money but it is a great form of exercise that’s recommended you get daily. You can never go wrong with a two-in-one that benefits you. Two times a week bicycling or walking work will keep your tank full.


A/C ya later! – Personally, I think that your air condition doesn’t effect your gasoline usage. I personally think its a myth but if you notice a difference while using it, then please let me know and let everyone know in the comments box.


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  2. The only time the AC causes you to burn more fuel is when you are stuck in traffic. It causes the engine to heat up faster which in turn burns more fuel. When this happens, turn off your car and open the windows, you don’t need aerodynamics when your not moving!

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