Make Starbucks coffee better for you!


I’m sure everyone has had a time where their coffee from Starbucks wasn’t as good as they had it last time. Maybe there was a new barista making your drink or the cup of coffee went bad a long time before they served it to you. To make sure your cup of Joe is up to par, there are certain things you can do to just that. To learn more about coffee there is a good facts site you can visit from Mr. Cappuccino’s homepage.

Know What You Want

You have to know what you want. If you decide to try something new, ask if you may have a sample to see if you like it. You are the one paying for the coffee so take your time to decide what you want. Do not rush on something just because there is a huge line behind you. Tell the person behind you to go ahead while you decide. Do some research online and ask friends what they like and why.

Order in Order

To get the fastest experience at Starbucks, start by saying if you want a cold or hot drink then comes the size (tall, grande, venti) of the drink and then what kind of drink. For example: “Hot Grande White Chocolate Mocha”. What the cashier does first is they anticipate the temperature and size of drink because only then they can pick up the cup specified and start writing on it so the barista can prepare it. If you say: “Non-fat, Caramel Macchiato, three shots, no foam on top please”, the cashier will have no clue if it is cold or hot. Now the cashier has a better chance of messing your order up because of this small thing.

Make it better

There’s a couple of things people don’t know about Starbucks or coffee for that matter. At Starbucks, their espresso machine produces small espresso shots that go into your drink, now, those shots are only good for approximately 20 seconds before taste is compromised. The barista has exactly that much time to “save” it by mixing it together with the ingredients in your drink such as the steamed milk. If you ordered a hot drink like a latte, espresso shots are usually one of the first ingredients into making your drink and then steamed milk should follow immediately. So keep in mind that as soon as the shots are in your cup, it should be ‘saved’ within 20 seconds and served soon after.

Take a closer look at the person who is making your drink. If you know that your barista is doing something wrong, tell them! Do not be shy, they’ll make it until they get it right. If you order a drip coffee, either regular or decaf, make sure the coffee is freshly brewed. Starbucks can only serve the coffee they brew for 1 hour and 30 minutes before it goes bad. They have to throw it away and start brewing a new batch so if you have 10 minutes to spare, tell them you want a fresh batch of coffee.

If ordering a frappuccino, they blend your drink for that smoothie effect but sometimes they under blend it and it comes out watery so make sure to say you want it thick for the best results.

Make it healthier

Getting non-fat milk instead of whole is a great way to cut calories off your coffee and if you saw the amount of calories for having whipped cream on your coffee, you probably wouldn’t get it anymore . There are some ways to limit calories and fat by using some of these tips. Try choosing soy milk, low-fat, breve (half & half), 2% milk or also known as blended. If you haven’t found out yet, Starbucks has sugar-free syrups like sugar-free vanilla, sugar-free cinnamon dolce, sugar-free hazelnut, sugar-free caramel and such that will drop fat and calories dramatically.

You can pick up a nutrition brochure in your local Starbucks for a more comprehensive or visit their nutrition page where you can choose your drink and find out what has what here. Thanks and hope you enjoy your next cup of coffee!


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