Simple quitting tips for nail biters


People do it when they’re nervous, thinkings, or simply because it’s a disgusting habit. Like smoking, quiting bitting your nails is a huge challenge. So that’s why I have come up with some useful tips to help you quit this awful habit of yours.

First, the facts

I think the more you know about how bad something is for you, you are more inclined to stop whatever that bad something may be, obviously it’s bitting your nails in this case. There are certain things you should know about bitting your nails.

– Biting your nails will transfer germs from your nails into your mouth and can cause illness
– Nail biting can chip your teeth and enamel, therefore damaging.
– Nails and skin can get infected as well and can make skin peel
– Your nails can look very ugly after.

The Tips

Try using a bitter tasting liquid solution. There are products out there or you can use a home remedy to place on your nails so the next time you bite, it bites back. Also it reminds you what you are trying to accomplish.

Put tape over your nails. When you put that Michael Jackson tape look in your finger nails, you can’t bite your nails; at least not comfortably.

Keep your hands in your pockets. You can reduce biting your nails by simply placing theme somewhere else. Your pockets or placed on a desk is perfect.

Keep your hands busy. The more your hands keep busy with something else rather than in your mouth, the less you’ll bite them.

Chew something. Gum is a perfect way to distract your mouth away from nibbling on those growing finger nails. Some say small carrots can help as well.

Take pictures of to log your progress. Take a snapshot of your nails before and take pictures along the way while quiting your habit. If you log in your progress, it will give you a clearer picture of what you need to do or how well your doing to motivate you further.

Where some gloves. Don’t do this if it’s too hot to wear them but at the right temperature, while wearing these, they can have a significant impact on destroying your habit rather than you destroying your nails.

Make your nails stronger. Get a nail hardener, it will make them stronger and harder to bite. Drink more milk for calcium deficiency.

Carry around your nail clipper. If you need to cut them, carry a small nail clipper around and use it every time. What looks more professional? Biting nails or carefully trimming them with your nail clipper?

More your cubicles back. This has been said to speed up the growth process for your nails. The sooner you have big and nice looking nails, you won’t be tempted so much to take a bite at them. You can also try some products out there that claim to speed up the your nails growth but seeing as they aren’t proven, I”ll leave that up to you.


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