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How do you cash balance?
June 14, 2007

Cash balancing is a serious thing people need to know how to do. I just got hired for a bank and we needed to cash balance our cash till. As you’ll find out, there are people out there who can do it faster than you efficiently. There are certain ways people count money to make it a faster process. I just wanted to know how you guys count your money whether it’s at home, at work or anywhere else. I also want to know how fast and efficient it is. Please leave your comments, thanks!


Spend and Save Money Wisely On Everything
June 1, 2007

1. Don’t use the dryer – Air drying your clothes instead of using t he dryer will save you money on your next electricity bill

2. Use a Fan – Instead of using the a/c in your home, try using the ceiling fans for regular standing fans to reduce energy usage.

3. Leave Your Cards – If you leave your credit cards or debit cards at home, you can’t use them when you are out right? Try carrying a small amount of cash in your pocket or how much you think you’re going to need through the day. This helps you save money now and in the long run. (more…)

Make Starbucks coffee better for you!
May 28, 2007


I’m sure everyone has had a time where their coffee from Starbucks wasn’t as good as they had it last time. Maybe there was a new barista making your drink or the cup of coffee went bad a long time before they served it to you. To make sure your cup of Joe is up to par, there are certain things you can do to just that. To learn more about coffee there is a good facts site you can visit from Mr. Cappuccino’s homepage. (more…)